Why DynaRoad?

A significant portion of heavy civil construction costs are related to earthworks. DynaRoad is a project management software specially developed for optimizing these costs. It enables benefits in all project phases allowing quicker and more accurate planning and analysis compared to traditional tools.

DynaRoad Modules

DynaRoad consists of three main modules:

  1. DynaRoad Plan – calculating mass balance and optimized haul distances, evaluating costs of different design and planning alternatives.
  2. DynaRoad Schedule – creating an optimized and realistic construction schedule based on locations, quantities, resources and production rates.
  3. DynaRoad Control – monitoring and controlling project execution.

The modules are fully integrated but can also be used separately. The Schedule and Control modules are also available without mass haul planning support.

Familiar Features

DynaRoad features a standard Windows Graphical User Interfacewith full printing capabilities, and functionality familiar to users of generic project management tools. It includes several graphical views, such as Gantt chart, resource graph, mass haul diagram,map view and time-location chart, as well as a comprehensive set of text reports. The user is guided by an assistant and views are equipped with online help.

DynaRoad is compatible with existing planning systems and the plans can for example be easily exported to Oracle Primavera P6 format.