Ready-Pave - Masterpave - AutoPave

With the invention of the Sonic Tracker™, Topcon set the standard for elevation control in road construction more then a decade ago. Today, Topcon is proud to introduce the next step in construction automation, with a truly innovative line up of solutions designed for the ultimate in paver and profiler control!

Economic entry level solution for any make of machine. Easy and quick to install, easy and accurate to operate, using the handset with display and innovative dual sensor ultrasonic. Readypave™ features low mounting elevations up to 35 cm, as well as very accurate vertical temperature compensation in a durable and ergonomic design.

The ultimate, modular concept for combining all possible sensors, including revolutionary Quatro™ultrasonics, Laserscanning, Sonicaveraging, slope and even 3DMC. Choose whatever sensor fits your application; the CANBUS and RS485 technology allow for easy installation on any make of machine, as well as quick and easy exchange of components. Quatro™ Sonic Sensor With the new Quatro™ sensor, Topcon offers the best in sonic elevation control, extreme flexibility in mounting height, and highest possible accuracy because of advanced temperature compensation and overlapping multiple sonic cones.

Topcon’s Laserscanner offers all functionality of mechanical skis, without the physical headaches and issues associated. Easily set the desired length of measurement for ultimate smoothness and averaging capability.

The ultimate in accurate paving and profiling; the high precision Topcon mmGPS™ system. String- and stake less paving now made possible by GPS+, with the accuracy of a traditional total station. A modular, upgradeable solution using a single mmGPS™ receiver in combination with Sonic or Slope, or Dual mmGPS™ receivers. Easy to adapt to any application or site requirements. Only from Topcon.