Managing Cut and Fill Operations

Fast Mass Haul Planning

DynaRoad Plan is a tool for calculating mass haul plans faster than ever before by automatizing parts of the process, like task creation and haul calculations.

Quantities are imported to DynaRoad from an Excel Bill of Quantities and the haul plan is calculated using appropriate suitabilities, refining plans and bulking factors. The result is a cut / fill specific haul plan, areas and quantities of mass surplus or deficit, haul distances and mass usage plans. The graphic reports clearly show where the problems in the designs may lie and give you a chance to react before construction starts.

DynaRoad Plan features:

  • Support for several chainages
  • Bulking factor
  • Refining e.g. aggregates and clay
  • Disposal and borrow analysis
  • Crushing

Use DynaRoad Plan for cut-fill analysis in the design or bid phase. Data on mass usage and haul distances improve the accuracy of cost estimates by providing data based on calculations instead of estimates.

Scheduling Mass Haul Operations

Combine your haul plan with the rest of the schedule in DynaRoad Schedule Mass Haul. Scheduling is done in Gantt and time-chainage views and the mass haul plan is calculated automatically. Stockpiles, detours, resource production rates and task timings are taken into account in the optimized mass transportation plan. The result is a task specific schedule and haul plan, haul distances and mass usages. All these are shown in graphical views and text reports.

In addition to the traditional Gantt and time-distance views, the schedule may be presented week by week on a map of the project.